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The best home and hearth fires…

…are cosy, warm and long-lasting and€“ the perfect setting for an evening with friends and family. The hot, flickering flames are captivating, almost hypnotising, and great for relaxation whether you are alone or with company.

For the best fire in your hearth or outdoor chimenea, you will need a firewood log that lights easily then burns hot and long, without smoking or spitting. For this, you need dry (seasoned) UK hardwoods, so avoid all those nets of damp softwood out there.

Slow-growing hardwoods (like oak and ash) are
denser than fast-growing softwoods (like pine) which means they give a slower, more steady heat output. You need around twice the amount of softwood to give the same heat output as the best burning hardwood species.

BioRegional HomeGrown® Firewood and Kindling offer you all the best burning qualities and also:

  • benefit wildlife and woodland management
  • are regionally produced, reducing transport and pollution
  • support local employment and traditional industry

If you live in a designated Smoke Control Area (SCA), we advise you to look for appropriate appliances which are exempt when using seasoned firewood.

Buy BioRegional HomeGrown Charcoal for your barbecue…

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"Your firewood is by far the best wood we have used." GH

"Without a shadow of a doubt your wood is the best I've come across so far to use in our wood burning stove!" MC

"I find your products purchased from B&Q; to be of excellent quality." KJ