Charcoal | Firewood and Kindling

For a great barbecue…

…you need friends or family around you, enjoying the sunshine and some great food, cooked naturally.

Good UK charcoal is essential to this experience.
You need charcoal that lights easily, then burns hot and long and leaves your food untainted.

BioRegional HomeGrown® Charcoal offers you
all this…

  • 100% natural so your food is untainted
  • easy-light with no chemicals
  • ready to cook in 15 minutes
  • burns hotter for longer - a little goes a long way

…and more

  • encourages wildlife
  • improves woodland management
  • supports local employment and traditional industry
  • reduces transport CO2 by up to 85% compared to imported charcoals


Here’s how to light our charcoal – discover the knack with our simple instructions and video guide!

Once you've mastered lighting the barbecue, try out some fantastic barbecue recipes…

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and hearth fire on the BioRegional HomeGrown
Firewood and Kindling page.

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