What we do

We offer you high quality, locally and regionally produced wood fuel products – charcoal, firewood and kindling.

BioRegional HomeGrown® products are made by our nationwide producer network with timber from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, sustainably managed UK woodlands.

Our products have environmental, social and economic benefits and are available from major national retailers.

Who we are

BioRegional HomeGrown® is the registered trademark of BioRegional, an award-winning, entrepreneurial charity, which invents and delivers practical solutions for sustainability.

BioRegional developed a new approach to local production of wood products in the UK – BioRegional Network Production.

Why we exist!

The UK imports over 90% of its barbecue charcoal, involving long transport chains with associated pollution and CO2 emissions.

So, we want to help increase the amount of UK-produced barbecue charcoal and make it easily available to all our customers.

Also, the loss of natural forests around the world is a major environmental concern while many of our traditional UK woodlands lie neglected because there is often little economic incentive to maintain them.

If you choose BioRegional HomeGrown Charcoal, Firewood and Kindling, you will:

  • get a completely natural product, with a superior burn quality
  • benefit UK wildlife and woodland management
  • help to reduce transport and pollution
  • support local employment and traditional industry

Our Vision

To increase the availability, sustainability, viability and value of UK wood products and support the sustainable management of UK woodlands through 'BioRegional Network Production'.

Our Future

To supply more of the UK charcoal market and help to increase the area of UK woodlands under good management, we plan to expand our production capacity with regional production plants also acting as distribution centres.

To this end, we are working on distribution to our supermarket customers with Rectella International, a leading distributor of charcoal in the UK.

Buy BioRegional HomeGrown Charcoal for your barbecue?
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